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We know cash management can be a major concern. For both you and your employees. They spend more time reconciling tills than welcoming customers and you spend time and resources tracking every single movement.

This just slows down the workflow and we believe cash management can be much simpler, safer and efficient. That’s why we have designed a close cash handling system that improves processes and enhances the experience of those who deal with cash everyday. Cashiers. Customers. You.

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More security. For your cash and your staff.

Stop the shrinkage, theft and counterfeit.

  • Employees can’t access notes or coins.
  • Cash is counted and verified automatically, at the end of each shift and day.
  • Earnings are deposited in cassettes, all well protected with ink cartridges.
  • To increase safety, you can also deposit cash in sealed bags.

More efficiency. In day-to-day activities.

Save time on tills and make the most of your resources.

  • Preparing, replenishing and conciliating tills is done automatically.
  • New checkouts can quickly be opened without change fund preparation.
  • The system indicates when it needs floats.
  • End-of-day reporting is done at the push of a button.
  • Recruiting and training staff is easier and faster.

More control. Over your whole cash cycle.

Keep track of all cash processes, wherever you are.

  • Real-time cash inventory are available online.
  • Full audit trail is kept in the SafePay CashControl management software.

Better investing. Cash efficiently gained and well spent.

Remove cost spent on cash reconciliation.

  • ROI is generally achieved in less than 24 months
  • Same day banking, reduced CIT costs, reduction of in-store working capital

More flexibility.
For all types of businesses.

Stop the shrinkage, theft and counterfeit.

  • SafePay takes up minimum space and offers maximum comfort.
  • SafePay can be installed just for Front-Office or Back-Office too.
  • SafePay system can serve two or more checkout counters.
  • SafePay Back-Office allows to safeguard cash until CIT pickup.

More happy clients. Living a better customer experience.

Seamless processes allow you to take care of the details.

  • Automated cash reconciliation reduces employee stress.
  • Cashiers avoid spending extra working hours to reconcile tills.
  • Employees can focus more on customer service.
  • Waiting time at queue lines is reduced and customers feel more attended.

Cash control

Be there without
being there

Cash Control is our integrated online management tool that allows all SafePay units to synchronize, no matter the configuration you have installed, and provide real-time information of all cash operations. It also connects to the CIT systems to optimise pick up and delivery routes.

All in all, Cash Control simplifies and automates cash routines, reducing the time cashiers spend reconciling tills and providing store and financial managers a full overview of the entire workflow in all stores.

As a multi-device software that can be accessed from desktops, tablets or mobiles, Cash Control allows you to control every single movement without you having to be physically present.

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No matter how big or small your business is, we want you to keep growing. That’s why SafePay adapts to your needs, whether you’re the owner of a small local shop, cafe or restaurant, or the manager of a large supermarket, commercial chain or hotel.

Discover our SafePay Collect and SafePay Complete families.

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If you own a small or midsize stores try out SafePay Collect, a set of front-end units that keep cash safe and under control.

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An ideal solution for sizeable companies. SafePay Complete includes systems in front-end and back office, as well as CIT services.

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Meet the happy
stores & learn
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Meet the happy
stores & learn
about their

Safe and efficient businesses are happy ones. With Gunnebo SafePay Solutions we have managed to satisfy clients throughout the world who now enjoy the added benefits of upgrading their business to smarter way of managing cash.

“The way we were handling cash before was time-consuming and not really secure. Now we have more time to spend on more important things.”

Mr Ronse. Owner of Intermarché Tournai

“Previously, notes and coins went through many different hands and one person controlled the end-of-day processes. That was inefficient and lacked security.”

Boudewijn Schols. Staff Adviser, Meander Medical Center

“With SafePay we have zero cash differences, zero people queuing at the till and zero staff problems associated with cash handling.”

Kim Frølund Technical Manager, Spisestuerne

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We are here for you

We want your business to run without any complications and maximum uptime. That’s why we give you the tools required to maximise the performance of your security systems and minimise security threats. Solutions are tailored to offer support availability, access to remote diagnostics and guaranteed response times.

Quite simply, if you need us, we will be there for you, how and when you like.

Benefit from our maintenance service at all levels: preventive (detect errors in advance), corrective (diagnose errors and restore systems to normal), and performance (ensure peak performance through online real-time monitoring).

We also offer a technical hotline that connects with banks and CIT companies to provide remote management and cash monitoring 7 days a week.

Contact us if you feel you want to know more about Safepay